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Killers jailed for Glasgow rap music row attack

Kristopher Reynolds (left) and Martin Argyelan Image copyright Spindrift
Image caption Reynolds and Argyelan killed Jim Thomson after he complained about loud music

Two men have been jailed for killing another man in a row over rap music.

Kristopher Reynolds, 32, and Martin Argyelan, 27, both attacked 52-year-old Jim Thomson, who was the lover of Reynolds' mother, Karen Millar.

Mr Thomson, who was staying at Ms Millar's home in Glasgow, had complained that he could not sleep for the loud music.

At the High Court in Glasgow, judge Lord Matthews said the killing followed "the most mundane of arguments".

After Mr Thomson spoke to Reynolds and Argyelan at the property in Harbury Place about the noise, they attacked him with a pool cue.

A piece of the cue penetrated his brain.

Previous convictions

Reynolds and Argyelan had denied murdering Mr Thomson but were convicted of the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

Both had previous convictions for violence.

Argyelan, who admitted striking the fatal blow, was sentenced to nine years and six months and will be monitored for three years after his release.

Reynolds was jailed for seven years and ordered to be monitored in the community after his release for three years.

Defence QC Ian Duguid, representing Reynolds, said: "He has expressed regret for what happened. The consequences were entirely unintended."

QC Thomas Ross, defending Argyelan, said: "He did not start the incident, but accepts that ultimately he did become involved. He appreciates the heartache he has caused to the family of Mr Thomson."

Lord Matthews told them: "Mr Thomson was a much-loved husband and father and his death has left a huge gap in their lives."