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Orange Walk man jailed for spitting on woman in Glasgow

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Image caption Father-of-two Darren Thompson was told his conduct was "disgusting and inexcusable"

A man who spat on a woman as she crossed an Orange Walk he was taking part in has been jailed for four months.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly told Darren Thompson, 34, that his behaviour was "disgusting and inexcusable."

Thompson, from Drumchapel, Glasgow, previously admitted pushing and spitting on Caitlin McCall in the city's West George Street.

The incident, on 6 July last year, was filmed and appeared on social media.

Later that month, co-accused William Carmichael, 45, admitted pushing Ms McCall, who was trying to get to her work on time.

'Not acceptable'

He was banned from leaving his home in Milton, Glasgow, for two months between 20:00 and 08:00 and placed under supervision for a year.

The accused, both former members of the Drumchapel Protestant Boys Flute Band, were told by Sheriff Kelly: "Taking part in a march does not give you a licence to behave in any way you see fit.

"Participants in marches and members of the public are required to behave in a way that is in accordance with the law.

"The complainer was trying to get to her work on time. She was not trying to provoke a reaction. This conduct is not acceptable."

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Carmichael pushed Ms McCall on the body before Thompson did the same, causing her to stumble. He then spat on her.

Sheriff Kelly added: "What you did was disgusting and inexcusable."

'Pushed backwards'

The court heard Ms McCall had been travelling by taxi and got out as it couldn't move further up the street due to road closures for the procession.

Prosecutor Hannah Sweeney said: "She stood on the footpath as the band was passing her.

"She identified an opening and took an opportunity to walk through the band.

"As she walked through, Carmichael walked towards her and pushed her backwards.

"She passed in front of Thompson who pushed her causing her to stumble before he spat towards her with the spit ending up on the back of her jacket."

Ms McCall was "shaken" when she arrived at work and was told to contact the police by colleagues.


She was "hesitant" but a video of the incident later went viral on social media.

Police were able to identify Ms McCall, Thompson and Carmichael from the footage.

Defence lawyer Tracy Paterson, representing Thompson, said: "He is very ashamed. He is working and would be more than willing to compensate the young lady and apologises to her."

Defence lawyer Sean Flannigan, representing Carmichael, said: "He comes across as remorseful and has apologised for his conduct. He has no previous convictions for assault on his record.

"There is a belief the ranks should not be broken by anyone and when the crossing occurred he reacted in an instant."

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