Glasgow woman jailed for attempting to kill her sister

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image captionThe judge told Carla McGhee the attack must have been "terrifying" for everyone in the flat

A woman who tried to kill her sister by stabbing her 23 times has been jailed for six years.

Carla McGhee attacked Shannon McGhee at a flat in Glasgow's Gorbals in September 2019.

The 31-year-old smashed her way through a barricaded bedroom door in the flat to get to her sister and then carried out the "terrifying" attack.

McGhee, from Maryhill, was sentenced after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to attempted murder.

The High Court in Glasgow heard how Shannon McGhee - who has been left scarred for life - has now forgiven her.

Lord Beckett told McGhee: "This was a determined attempted murder on your sister.

"It must have been terrifying for all concerned and would have cost your sister's life, but for medical intervention."

McGhee will be supervised for a further four years on her release.

Kitchen knife

An earlier hearing was told how frightened people at the flat - including Shannon McGhee - hid in a bedroom barricading themselves with a wardrobe.

Prosecutor Duncan McPhie said: "She stabbed a kitchen knife through the bedroom door.

"She repeatedly threw her body against the door until it came off its hinges."

The court heard that McGhee was shouting obscenities and threatening to "kill youse".

The prosecutor added: "A child was at the side of the door near to her screaming as she was armed with a knife.

"McGhee instructed him to obtain more weapons for her. She managed to get through the bedroom door and stab her sister 23 times as others fled."

Police arrived at the flat after a number of 999 calls.

The child told officers: "She is stabbing her. Someone stop her."

Blood transfusion

McGhee was held as her sister was rushed to hospital. She had "multiple stab wounds" to her head, neck, back and hand.

Shannon was put into a coma and later needed surgery for a bowel injury as well as a blood transfusion.

McGhee went on to attack a female police custody officer after being arrested. She also pled guilty to that assault.

The court heard McGhee had been affected by a number of personal issues at the time including a previous dispute with a neighbour.

Sarah Livingstone, defending, said: "She blames no-one but herself. She is devastated by what she has done and loves her sister.

"Her sister forgives her. There are bridges that she is trying to build, but she has lost everything."

The hearing was also told McGhee had written a letter to the judge "expressing her remorse".

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