Falkirk woman jailed after 'deplorable' attack on baby boy

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Caroline ThomsonImage source, Mike Gibbons/Spindrift
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Caroline Thomson was jailed for nine years

A woman who attacked a baby boy, leaving him brain-damaged and blind in one eye, has been jailed for nine years.

Caroline Thomson, of Falkirk, admitted assaulting the baby, who also suffered wrist and rib fractures.

Despite pleading guilty, the High Court in Glasgow heard Thomson, 30, has blamed another child for some of the injuries.

The victim was only weeks old during the attack in 2018 but is now two.

He cannot speak or walk, but he can crawl. Doctors say an assessment of any long-term damage cannot be made until he is of primary school age.

Sentencing judge Lady Rae told Thomson it was "an appalling crime".

She added: "Your conduct towards this child was deplorable.

"This baby suffered numerous injuries to his head and body as a result of what you did and has been left with life-long injuries and permanent impairment.

"You take no responsibility for what you did and deny your guilt, blaming a two-year-old for some of the injuries."

'Inconsistent with the medical findings'

The offence was committed on various occasions between 2 May and 16 June 16 in 2018 in the Larbert and Falkirk area.

Thomson pled guilty to assaulting the baby boy to his permanent impairment, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life.

The 30-year-old had previously told police the injuries may have been caused when she dropped the baby and other injuries could have been caused by another child, aged two.

Prosecutor Kath Harper said that was "inconsistent with the medical findings".

Consultant ophthalmologist Jennifer Ann Gillen examined the baby's eyes and confirmed he had a detached retina.

She said she had never seen that type of injury in a young baby and such an injury would require some form of blunt-force trauma.

Defence counsel Wendy Hay told the court that Thomson was a "very vulnerable individual who had a traumatic upbringing".

"This is an extremely serious and distressing case," she added. "Given the stance taken by Miss Thomson there is little I can say."