Man guilty of stabbing armed robber to death in Easterhouse home

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Patrick Phinn claimed he acted in self defence when he stabbed Ronald Pattison

A 49-year-old man has been convicted of killing an armed robber who turned up at his house demanding money.

Patrick Phinn stabbed Ronald Pattison 17 times at his home in Easterhouse, Glasgow, in September 2018.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Pattison, who was armed with a knife, had threatened to kill Phinn and his partner.

A struggle broke out and Phinn grabbed a knife which he used to slash Pattison.

He was originally charged with murdering the 38-year-old, but a jury found him guilty of the reduced charge of culpable homicide.

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Robber Ronald Pattison was armed with a knife when he arrived at Patrick Phinn's home

The court heard that Pattison, who had a reputation for violence, turned up at Phinn's home as he watched television with his partner Angela McLellan.

Pattison demanded money from Ms McLellan's purse then slashed Phinn, who grabbed a knife and fought back.

Massive blood loss

In the struggle, Pattison was stabbed 17 times. The fatal wound in his neck cut through a main artery and Pattison died from massive blood loss.

Ms McLellan told prosecutor Lynsey MacDonald she had initially convinced Phinn to leave their home but he later returned.

She said: "He was angry. He said he was going to kill 10 people and said youse two are the first I'm going to murder."

Phinn denied murdering Pattison - claiming he had acted in self defence.

Defence QC Tony Graham said: "Mr Phinn recognises the extremely serious nature of the crime of which he has been convicted, but I struggle to see how there could have been greater provocation.

"This man came into their home while they were watching the telly."

Judge Lord Matthews deferred sentence on Phinn until next month for background reports and remanded him in custody.