Coronavirus: Greenock doctor 'just happy to get back to work'

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Geraldine McGroarty in hospitalImage source, Geradine McGroarty/Facebook
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Dr Geraldine McGroarty was admitted to hospital three weeks ago

A doctor who feared she may not recover after being admitted to hospital with coronavirus three weeks ago is preparing for her first shift back at work.

Geraldine McGroarty, who is originally from Greenock, described feeling like she was "drowning in lung fluid" when her condition was at its most serious.

She is now "much better" but is unsure what the long-term damage will be.

Dr McGroarty said: "I'm just happy to get back helping people again."

The formerly superfit rugby player, who works at a hospital in London, admitted it "could have gone one way or the other" when she tested positive for Covid-19.

'No long-term patients'

She told BBC Scotland's Drivetime with John Beattie: "I had no idea if I was going to recover or not. At that point, not only was I feeling sick and unwell, I also had the fear that it might get worse and not better.

"So far, we don't know the effects that the virus has on the lungs. We know that's where it attacks, but we don't know if the lungs recover afterwards because we don't have any long-term patients to study.

"As far as I know, I have got rid of the virus. However, I had pneumonia as well so there is still quite a lot damage to my lungs which will take a while to repair.

"But I think the belief is that you will pretty much recover all of your function again."

Dr McGroarty said she now feels "very positive" having seen off the worst of the Covid-19 virus.

She said: "I still get out of breath and can't exercise nearly as much as I used to - even being on the phone too long will get me out of breath.

"But in contrast (from three weeks ago) to today, I am going into work tonight for my first shift and I'm really happy to start getting back and helping people again.

"I'm feeling very positive - I know it's slow progress, but it's progress."

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