Coronavirus: Boy reunited with dad stuck on boat near house

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Coronavirus: Boy reunited with seaman dad moored outside house

A boy has finally been reunited with his seaman father who he had longed to see while his boat was moored near their house during lockdown.

Four-year-old Euan Gordon had only been able to wave to his dad Alasdair when the vessel docked just 100m (328ft) from their home in Oban.

But now Alasdair has finished his stint at sea and returned to his family.

Mum Seonaid Russell said it had been like Christmas Day when her son was reunited with his father.

She said Euan had woken up at 05:00 with "excitement" and anticipation.

Image source, Seonaid Russell

Alasdair Gordon, 41, is in charge of the deck on the Pharos, which is responsible for the operation of Scottish lighthouses.

Under normal circumstances, when the boat is moored near his home he can spend the night with his family.

But since the lockdown began, Alasdair and his crew have been instructed to stay on the ship when it is tied up in dock.

However, he has now finished his latest stint at sea and been allowed to go home for 28 days.

Seonaid, 34, said Euan had been counting down the days and knew his dad would be allowed off the ship on Thursday.

Image source, Alasdair Gordon

She said: "Euan was very excited and woke up particularly early because he he was so looking forward to seeing his dad. It was like Christmas for him.

"It was so lovely to see the smile on Euan's face."

The family live in a cabin in the grounds of Seonaid's mother's house.

"Euan loves baking and his granny had promised she would bake a cake with him in the morning for his dad," Seonaid said.

"So he ran through the garden to his granny's house at 06:00 and baked a beautiful cake for Alasdair's welcome home."

Image source, Seonaid Russell

Seonaid and Euan then went to the pier for the reunion.

"Euan was so excited but he waited patiently until his dad came through the gates," she said.

"I also felt excited, and was so happy to see Euan so happy to see his dad again.

"Euan wanted confirmation his dad would now be staying with us for a while and he was delighted when we said yes."

Back together

They went back to the house for cake, then Alasdair took his son cycling in the park.

Seonaid said: "They spent time together to reacquaint themselves with each other.

"It's so lovely to see them back together."

Seonaid added that she was grateful that the Northern Lighthouse Board had stuck to the guidelines, and understood why it had done so.

Alasdair said he was happy to be back with his family.

"I'm delighted to be home after a month at sea," he said. "I can finally spend the summer with my family."

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