Deer killed in suspected dog attacks at nature reserve

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Several deer have been killed in suspected dog attacks at a nature reserve in North Lanarkshire.

The Scottish SPCA believes the attacks at Mosswater Nature Reserve in Cumbernauld could be illegal deer coursing.

The animal welfare charity said members of the public had reported four mutilated deer in the past few weeks

SPCA inspector Jack Marshall said being attacked by a dog was a "horrendous way for these deer to die".

The incidents came after the SSPCA treated an injured deer at the Mosswater reserve in February.

It had sustained severe injuries "consistent with a dog attack" and had to be put down.

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Several deer have been found dead at Mosswater reserve in Cumbernauld

Mr Marshall said the deer would have "spent their last moments extremely distressed and suffering massive amounts of pain and fear".

He added: "It could be simply that there's a local dog owner who's not paying attention to what their dog is getting up to when it's off lead.

"We would remind dog owners that it is an offence for your dog to be out of control in any public or private place.

"It's also possible that this could be organised deer coursing, which is a crime."

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for members of the public to come forward if they have any information about these incidents.

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