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Planned home with pool and gym 'too big'

Plans for a house near Mallaig with a swimming pool, gym and space to run a hairdressing salon have been refused planning permission.
A Scottish government appointed planning official said the home was well designed, but too large for the site at Fasgadh, Morar.
The reporter said "outstanding views" of Morar Bay and Summer Isles from a nearby road would be affected.
Highland Council had previously refused the planning application.
The applicant and his wife had appealed against the local authority's decision.
The couple had been granted outline planning permission, however, their later detailed proposal was for a house almost twice the size of the approved one.
In a letter to the applicants, Highland Council said the new plans were for a house of a size that "creates adverse landscape impact and adverse visual impacts".
The reporter in her newly-published decision has turned down the appeal and refused planning permission.
She said the wing with the swimming pool and gym were parts of the house that affected the view from the nearby public road.