Revolutions documentary produced in Inverness

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Ant-government protests were held in Egypt earlier this year

A new documentary charting an American writer's influence on the staging of revolutions across the world is being produced in the Highlands.

Gene Sharp - How to Start a Revolution includes scenes shot in Egypt during risings against President Hosni Mubarak's government earlier this year.

The film's director Ruaridh Arrow is a former pupil of Millburn Academy in Inverness.

He hopes the completed film will be screened in Eygpt's Tahrir Square.

Mr Arrow filmed in the square in Cairo while protesters gathered to demonstrate against the Mubarak regime.

The film-maker told BBC Radio Scotland: "I effectively got blocked into the square because it was surrounded by Mubarak supporters who were trying to attack journalists.

"The protesters in the square were protecting me from beatings."

He said at night he found himself sleeping among academics, lawyers and street children caught up in the revolution.

Mr Arrow hopes the documentary will be given a special open air screening in Tahrir Square and also showings at international film festivals.

'Non-violent weapons'

While scenes were shot overseas, Mr Arrow said the film was rooted in the Highlands.

He said: "Most of this film has been produced from Inverness.

"What is fun about it is making a film that is internationally important, but rooted at home in the Highlands.

"Hopefully it will contribute to a growing Highlands film industry that is forward looking but rooted in the Highlands."

Dr Sharp wrote From Dictatorship to Democracy, which sets out a strategy for non-violent revolution.

It has a list of 198 "non-violent weapons", ranging from the use of colours and symbols to boycotts and the staging of mock funerals.

His work has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Mr Arrow began filming the documentary in 2009 to chart Sharp's work from his home in the US, across four continents and eventually to Tahrir Square.

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