Film-maker's shock at mothers begging on Athens streets

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Papadopoulos & Son
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Stephen Dillane's character Harry Papadopoulos is forced to rebuild his life after his self-made millions are ruined by the UK banking crisis

The maker of a film about a millionaire ruined by the banking crisis has told of his shock at seeing mothers forced to beg on the streets of Athens.

Marcus Markou's Papadopoulos & Son will be given a preview screening in Scotland in February ahead of its UK premiere the following month.

His tale of Greek and Turkish families in London was shown at the European Parliament in November.

Markou was in Athens this week for the film's Greek premiere.

Greece has been in economic turmoil and rates of unemployment are high leaving thousands of families struggling.

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Marcus Markou was moved by the sight of women and children begging on streets

Writing on his movie's website, director and writer Markou said: "You see it in the news but it's not until you walk the streets of Athens that you realise just how rotten this economic crisis is.

"I can handle the old beggars with missing limbs. They are survivors. The old men rattling tins. I just can't have a response for the women holding their children in the street, covering their faces for shame."

He added: "The mothers and children are just starting out on the difficult journey of survival and they have no idea if they are going to make it. They don't look you in the eye for shame.

"They are begging for their children - who clearly aren't eating enough and are cold."

Harry's troubles

In Papadopoulos & Son, self-made millionaire Harry Papadopoulos loses his fortune in the UK banking crisis.

Reluctantly, he reunites with his estranged freewheeling brother to reopen the abandoned fish and chip shop they shared in their youth.

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Cesare Taurasi and co-star Georgia Groome

A romance that blossoms between his daughter and the son of a rival Turkish kebab business only adds to Harry's troubles.

The film stars actor Stephen Dillane who appeared in Channel 4 drama Secret State and the BBC's Hunted.

A special preview screening will be held during Kingussie's Food on Film Festival in February.

Markou will travel to the Highland village to present the preview.

Cesare Taurasi, who plays love interest to Harry's daughter Katie, played by Georgia Groome, will also attend and along with Markou take part in a question and answer session with the audience.

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