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Film charts search for Noah's Ark hunter Donald Mackenzie

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Media captionDonald Mackenzie was searching for the remains of Noah's Ark

A man has attempted to retrace the steps taken by his brother before he disappeared on an expedition to find the site of Noah's Ark.

Donald Mackenzie, 47, from the Isle of Lewis, was reported missing by a friend on 14 October 2010.

He failed to return from a trip on Mount Ararat in Turkey.

Derick Mackenzie's effort to find out what happened to his brother will be shown in a BBC Alba documentary on Thursday.

Mr Mackenzie believes Donald was killed by religious extremists, or in a mugging, or died in an accident on the mountain.

Donald became interested in searching for Noah's Ark in his early 40s, and did a variety of jobs to fund his travels.

Image caption Donald Mackenzie had been trying to trace the site of Noah's Ark

The Bible identifies the mountains of Ararat as its resting place after the flood.

Mr Mackenzie hopes the documentary, My Brother the Ark Raider, will encourage people to come forward with information.

He said: "We want to make sure the Turkish authorities see this film.

"There will be a lot of interest about it in Turkey.

"It could kick start some response from the Turkish authorities to look again for him. It could be a golden bullet."

Made by Plainview Films, the documentary will be broadcast on BBC Alba at 21:00 on Thursday.

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