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Video shows near miss between car and lorry at Tomich

Lorry pulling out of junction Image copyright Other
Image caption The incident was captured on a dashboard-mounted camera

Footage has been uploaded to a video sharing site showing a near miss between a car and a lorry on the A9 in Easter Ross.

Called A9 Tomich close shave, the YouTube video is said to have been recorded by a dashboard-mounted camera inside a car on Monday.

It shows the car travelling north on the A9 and then a lorry pulling put out at Tomich junction near Invergordon.

The car's driver swerves to avoid the lorry and mounts the verge.

Image copyright other
Image caption Slush slides over the car's windscreen as the vehicle mounts the grassy verge

Slush slides from the car's roof across the windscreen.

A police spokesperson said: "Police have been made aware of video footage of a lorry on the A9 at the Tomich junction, near Invergordon."

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