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Radoslaw Malek unfit to stand trial for choking child

A man accused of attempting to murder a three-year-old boy has been deemed unfit to stand trial.

Radoslaw Malek, accused of choking the child last November at a house in Inverness, was not present at the hearing at the High Court in Glasgow.

The charge claims the 32-year-old pressed the neck of the boy with his hands, restricted his breathing and strangled him.

The child was said to have become unconscious as a result.

Mr Malek is currently residing at the State Hospital at Carstairs.

Both prosecutor Sheena Fraser and Malek's lawyer Shahid Latif asked for an examination of facts hearing to be set, due to the accused not being fit to stand trial.

Judge Lord Burns agreed and fixed a four-day hearing at the High Court in Aberdeen to begin on 31 August, which Mr Malek has been excused from attending.

The judge also imposed a temporary compulsion order for Mr Malek to continue to remain at Carstairs in the meantime.

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