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Paraglider and plane avoid collision over Glen Coe

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Media captionA paraglider and a light aircraft came close to colliding in May

A light aircraft and a paraglider had to take evasive action to avoid a collision over Glen Coe, it has emerged.

The paraglider believed the plane was at the same height and came within 328ft (100m) of him on 1 May.

The pilot of the plane captured the close encounter on video.

Investigators rated the near miss at B, their second highest category which is given to situations where the safety of the aircraft may have been compromised.

In a report, the UK Airprox Board said the paraglider dived down while the plane "banked aggressively" to the right to avoid a collision.

'Simply unfortunate'

It added that the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association was seeking permission to use the video of the incident as a training tool.

Both pilots were entitled to be in the airspace involved, the Airprox Board said.

The board said the paraglider would initially have been "extremely difficult" to see because of its small size and because it blended into a dark horizon.

It added that it was "simply unfortunate" the pilot of the aircraft had been looking into the cockpit of his aircraft when the paraglider first came to view.

But the board added that "he had done well to spot the paraglider very quickly after returning his attention to the outside, thus allowing him to take avoiding action".

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