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Your pictures of the traditional Halloween neep lantern

Image copyright Nicky Hall
Image caption Nicky Hall's husband uses turnips and other vegetables to make spooky, but friendly-looking lanterns

The traditional craft of hollowing out a tough old turnip to make a Halloween lantern is alive and well, according to pictures sent by BBC Scotland News website readers.

Examples of neep lanterns were sought amid an increasing preference for colourful pumpkins for use in making the spooky decorations for 31 October.

Here is a selection of your turnip, swede and other vegetable artworks.

Image copyright Jane Fleming
Image copyright Anne Cowling
Image caption Anne Cowling describes this shot as "Alien Grey"
Image copyright Nicky Hall
Image caption Some more examples of the work of Nicky Hall's husband. Parsnips are the hardest vegetables for him to carve out, she says
Image copyright Helen Burns
Image copyright Ian Henderson
Image caption Ian Henderson carved these lanterns in Colinton, Edinburgh
Image copyright Eddie & Kate
Image caption Kate, who sent in this picture of a neep taken against her T-shirt from Orkney band The Chair, says: "Growing up in the north east of England we always made neepy lanterns and never saw pumpkins."
Image copyright Paula Pratt
Image caption Paula Pratt says: "Here is Jayden Middleton, my one year old nephew, with the neepy lantern we made for him."
Image copyright Mary Craig

Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of the hardy neep lantern, but there is still love for pumpkin art too...

Image copyright Eleanor Happs
Image caption Eleanor Happs says: "Total respect for neep carving. I did these as prizes for kids at Leith Community Archery Club. With neeps, not possible, pumpkins so much more accessible."

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