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Wildlife in school grounds photographed using trail camera

Strontian Primary School's jay Image copyright Strontian Primary School
Image caption Strontian Primary School's winning image of a jay on a rock

Children across the Highlands have been involved in a project to record the wildlife that visits their school grounds.

Catch Me If You Cam involved 20 schools installing trail camera technology to capture images of animals over the course of six weeks.

High Life Highland Countryside Rangers and environmental charity Earthwatch Europe assisted in the project.

It included a competition for the best image.

Image copyright High Life Highland
Image caption Strontian Primary took first prize in the project's photo contest

First prize went to Strontian Primary with a picture of a jay.

Second prize went to Ardersier Primary with a photograph of two buzzards, and Lundavra Primary, near Fort William, took third place with an image of a red deer stag.

Image copyright Ardersier Primary School
Image caption Ardersier Primary School's buzzards picture
Image copyright High Life Highland
Image caption Ardersier Primary won second prize

The project's Keri Langridge said: "Catch Me If You Cam aimed to inspire children to learn about their local biodiversity by using trail cameras to actually show them what was there.

"One school found a pine marten living in the school grounds, and another discovered a stag destroying their bird feeders every night.

"It has been a great success, thanks to the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Rangers who helped to deliver the project to 20 schools across the Highlands and all the teachers and children who participated."

Image copyright Lundavra Primary School
Image caption Lundavra Primary School's image of a stag
Image copyright High Life Highland
Image caption Lundavra Primary won third prize in the project's competition