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Round the world cyclist Jenny Graham reaches Mongolia

image copyrightJenny Graham
image captionJenny Graham hopes to set a new world record

A cyclist from Inverness is a quarter of the way around the world in her bid to set a new world record for solo navigation of the globe in 110 days.

Jenny Graham, 38, is a month into her attempt which involves riding 18,000 miles (28,968 km) across 15 countries, unsupported, carrying all her kit.

She started out from Berlin in Germany and went on to cross Russia in 23 days.

She had covered 5,126 miles (8,249 km) by the time she rode into Khongor, Mongolia.

image copyrightThomas Hogben
image captionThe cyclist began her adventure from Berlin
image copyrightThomas Hogben
image captionJenny Graham's attempt will take her across 15 countries

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