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Quarry search over Renee and Andrew MacRae disappearance

Police at quarry Image copyright PETER JOLLY NORTHPIX
Image caption Police at the flooded quarry near Inverness

Police are searching a disused quarry as part of their ongoing inquiry into the disappearance of an Inverness mother and son more than 40 years ago.

Renee and Andrew MacRae, who was three, vanished on 12 November 1976.

Mrs MacRae's burned-out BMW car was discovered that night in a lay-by on the A9 south of Inverness.

Police have been looking at sites including the flooded Leanach Quarry at Culloden Moor on the eastern side of Inverness.

The quarry was searched in the months following the disappearance of the mother and son.

Det Insp Brian Geddes said: "As part of the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Renee and Andrew MacRae, officers are visiting key areas of interest in order to establish any further opportunities to progress enquiries.

"The passage of time is no barrier to the investigation of unresolved incidents of this nature."

Image caption Police said the quarry was an "area of interest"

Det Insp Geddes added: "Police Scotland, along with our partners in the Scottish Police Authority Forensic Services, will continue to pursue any opportunities to progress the investigation, which will hopefully provide answers for the family of Renee and Andrew MacRae."

On the evening of her disappearance Mrs MacRae, 36, had set off to meet her lover Bill McDowell in Perth but he told police they never met.

There has been speculation that Mrs MacRae and her son were murdered and their bodies buried at either a quarry or at construction works for the A9.

Image caption Mrs MacRae's burnt out car was found in a layby south of Inverness

In 2004, police searched nearby Dalmagarry quarry but no bodies were found.

Two years later a report naming a suspect who may have killed the pair was sent to prosecutors but they decided there was insufficient evidence to take action.

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Image caption Renee MacRae disappeared with her son Andrew in 1976

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