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Constitution of Republic of Užupis translated into Gaelic

Central square in Užupis Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The Republic of Užupis was declared in 1997

The self-declared Republic of Užupis has had its constitution translated into Gaelic.

Located within the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, Užupis covers an area of less than one square mile.

What started as a joke in the late 1990s, became a republic with its own president, government, currency and constitution.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania arranged the Gaelic translation by Today Translations.

Užupis' constitution has been translated into many different languages as a means of spreading the message of the republic's principles.

Edinburgh University's Dr William Lamb, and former a lecturer in Gaelic and music at Lews Castle College UHI in Stornoway, will attend a Burns Night unveiling of the Gaelic version.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Užupis is within the city of Lithuania

The Republic of Užupis was created by artists following the collapse of the USSR.

On 1 April 1997, the group declared the neighbourhood of Užupis independent from the rest of Lithuania.

Independence day is marked each year on 1 April.

The republic is not recognised by foreign governments as an official nation, but has been described as a source of pride in Vilnius and throughout Lithuania.