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New flying challenge to start from Wick and Westray

Aircraft Image copyright VintageAirRally/Jeremy Martin
Image caption Teams of pilots will fly to airfields in Greenland

Pilots are to compete in a new challenge that involves flying from Scotland to Greenland.

The race across the North Atlantic will see teams starting from Wick John O'Groats Airport in Caithness or Westray Airport in Orkney.

In Greenland, pilots will be challenged to make precision short take-offs and landings, including on rarely visited World War Two-era airfields.

The winning team will be awarded the Greenland Air Trophy.

Image copyright VintageAirRally/Jeremy Martin
Image caption Pilots from all over Europe are to take part in the new challenge

The competition, organised by VintageAirRally, is due to be held from 24 to 30 June.

Pilots from the UK will be joined by others from Belgium, France, Holland, Iceland, Romania and Switzerland.

After reaching Greenland some of the crews will then fly on to Kuujjuaq in Canada.

Image copyright VintageAirRally
Image caption The challenge involves short take offs and landings in Greenland