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Motorists 'need drink warnings'

Officer holds breath test kit
Image caption Five young motorists have been caught in a summer crackdown by police

A drink-drive counsellor in Aberdeen is calling for compulsory lessons on the dangers of alcohol before people are allowed behind the wheel.

The call came as Grampian Police reported a rise in the number of young motorists caught over the limit.

Sheriffs in Aberdeen are offering people convicted of drink-driving the chance to take part in a drink-drive rehabilitation course.

But Rae Needham of Alcohol Support said courses on drink should be compulsory.

"It teaches people how much alcohol they have got in their body," she said.

"I definitely think it should be compulsory. It should be given to people that are going to be sitting their driving test or just sat their driving test because I don't think there is enough taught about alcohol and driving."

Grampian Police have reported an increase in the number of young motorists caught over the limit.

Five drivers under the age of 25 have been caught since the start of the force's summer crackdown on drink-driving - nearly 40% of the total number detected.

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