Puffin chick 'bullied' by adult 'Asbo' bird on Shetland

Image caption, RSPB Scotland said such puffin behaviour was not expected

An adult puffin has been nicknamed Asbo after being filmed bullying a puffin chick on Shetland.

The fully-grown puffin was filmed several times going underground and pecking and kicking the young bird.

RSPB Scotland said the footage in a burrow, at Sumburgh Head, revealed previously unknown behaviour.

South Shetland warden Helen Moncrieff said: "What we never expected to see was any violence." She said the baby puffin had recovered from the attacks.

She explained: "As this anti-social behaviour has been captured on CCTV, we've nicknamed the intruder 'Asbo puffin'.

"Thankfully, the chick found the strength to recover from the attacks and seems to be making good progress.

"It could leave the burrow any day now. It's been a privilege watching the puffins and we hope to do it all again next year."

The puffin egg was laid on 6 May, and it hatched on 15 June.

Edited footage from the nest made available online by the RSPB does not feature the attack, which is said to be distressing.

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