Man jailed over Staffordshire dog attack in Aberdeen


A dog owner whose Staffordshire bull terrier left a man with "horrific" injuries in Aberdeen has been jailed for three years.

Alan Cooper's dog ripped flesh from the victim's body during the attack at at the city's Beach Boulevard in March last year.

The 25-year-old was in a fight with the victim, Shaun Murray, and failed to stop the dog when it attacked.

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan said the dog had effectively been used as a weapon.

The city's sheriff court heard the victim needed extensive hospital treatment after muscles were left exposed in the attack.

Sheriff Buchanan said: "This is an extremely disturbing case because what you effectively did was use your dog as a weapon in a very serious and savage attack upon the unfortunate complainer.

"It is clear from what has been said to me that you had the power to call off this dog at any point and you did not do so.

"The dog caused horrific injuries to the complainer."

The dog was later destroyed.

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