Drink and drug clamp down on Grampian drivers starts

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Police have launched a month-long crackdown on drink and drug-driving across Grampian.

Operation Draco is targeting motorists in the morning rush hour, to tackle driving after drinking the night before.

Dozens of motorists were stopped by officers on the first day of the initiative, with checks also being made on possible vehicle defects.

The force urged motorists to be aware of the dangers of the morning after.

Pc Raymond Neil said: "Many people are still unaware of how long it takes for alcohol to get out of their system but ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.

"Over the summer months people may attend barbecues, galas or other social events where they may lose track of what they have been drinking.

"Alcohol affects different people in different ways but generally speaking it takes an hour to clear your system of a single unit of alcohol."

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