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Warning over medical scam aimed at elderly

A warning has been issued after elderly people were conned out of thousands of pounds in a medical scam.

Moray Council said it knew of three people who had received unsolicited phone calls from a company asking about health issues associated with ageing.

They were persuaded to buy products, then talked in to further purchases of vitamins, supplements and creams costing up to £900 a month.

They ended up more than £3,000 out of pocket.

Trading standards officers said the products had been "completely inappropriate", with one of the victims receiving 660 aphrodisiac potions.

Inquiries revealed it was a national issue and Moray Council's trading standards service is now investigating, along with colleagues in other authorities.

Trading Standards manager Peter Adamson said: "The sellers are targeting older, vulnerable customers using deceptive advertising and marketing to take advantage of their victims.

"Often victims are embarrassed to have been taken in and keep it to themselves.

"Friends, relatives and carers can help by discussing these potential problems and by keeping an eye out for unusual purchases."

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