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Man accused of 'paying for wife' so he could stay in UK

A man has gone on trial accused of paying a woman to marry him so he could stay in the UK.

Kizito Ugo Nwajeri, 31, is accused of paying Kirsty Birnie £5,000 to be his wife so he could extend his student visa.

Morven Hutcheson, of Aberdeen, told the high court in the city she helped her boyfriend Mr Nwajeri arrange the wedding because she was married.

Mr Nwajeri, of Bolton, faces a charge under the Immigration Act.

Miss Hutcheson said she met him on a night out in the city just weeks after her husband left her.

She said he suggested marriage so he could stay in the UK.

She said: "I was married. I didn't want to marry him anyway because I feel like when you marry somebody it should be for love.

"He asked me if I knew anybody that would marry him. I thought about it and said there was one person who might do that."

Miss Hutcheson said the couple went to visit her friend Miss Birnie.

Joint account

She said: "I said in a joking way 'will you marry him?'

"I must've said it because I liked him at the time. I was under the illusion he was going to be deported or his visa was going to run out.

"I did want him to stay because I did like him."

She told how Miss Birnie thought about her decision and met the couple for lunch that week where she agreed to marry Mr Nwajeri and was handed about £2,000.

It is alleged Mr Nwajeri opened a joint bank account with Miss Birnie after their wedding to help prove they were in a relationship but the pair did not live together.

Mr Nwajeri was said to have applied for leave to remain in the UK, citing his recent marriage, in February last year.

He is further accused of dealing cocaine to three people at locations across Aberdeen between September 2010 and May last year.

He denies the charges. The trial continues.

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