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Alec Allan faces prison for knife attack on girlfriend

A man stabbed his girlfriend in the neck after stopping taking medication for his personality disorder.

Then he claimed she had been stabbed in the street.

Alec Allan, 30, was charged when police found a pool of blood in the Aberdeen flat where the incident took place.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, sentence was deferred when he pleaded guilty to assaulting Julie Smith, 32, to the danger of her life, on 9 September 2012.

The court was told he hit Ms Smith a second time with the blade which had broken from the knife handle when he first stabbed her.

She took pain killers and drank coffee with Allan until her wounds began to pour blood.

Personality disorder

Allan dialled 999 and said Ms Smith had been robbed and stabbed in an ATM street attack.

But police found his broken knife and the woman's blood-stained nightdress when they searched his flat in Lewis Road, Aberdeen.

Advocate depute Chris Dickson said Allan had a psychiatric history going back 15 years, had a personality disorder and was dependent on drugs.

Days before the attack, Allan stopped taking his medication and his demeanour changed.

As the couple sat drinking vodka an argument began over her ex-boyfriend and without warning he attacked her.

Allan tried to kiss her before calling for an ambulance.

Later, she told her mother Allan was the attacker and police forced their way into the flat where they found the incriminating evidence and a pool of blood on the kitchen floor.

Doctors said Ms Smith was extremely lucky that the knife had missed her carotid artery.

Judge Lord Pentland called for background reports and remanded Allan in custody pending sentence until September after being told he had four previous convictions for violence.

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