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Surgeon Robert Heintjes 'does not want to practise again'

A Dutch surgeon accused of lying to cover up his medical past in order to secure jobs in Aberdeen and Ayr has told a hearing he does not want to practise again.

Dr Robert Heintjes was struck off in the Netherlands after being accused of a series of blunders between 2002 and 2007 and then struck off.

He came to Scotland in 2007, and it is claimed he failed to mentioned the ban.

A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing is being held.

'Voluntary erasure'

The vascular surgeon told the hearing in Manchester: "My mind has been made up about me practising as a doctor and I do not want to practise as a doctor.

"I feel that if it would save everybody's time - I'm not going to work as a doctor anymore so I will apply for voluntary erasure."

He worked at Ayr Hospital for two months in 2008 and had two spells at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary until 2010.

The hearing continues.

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