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Police officer released from handcuffs in Aberdeen

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A police officer had to be freed from handcuffs by firefighters when a training exercise in Aberdeen went wrong.

It happened during officer safety training on Saturday.

Police Scotland said there appeared to have been a "malfunction" with a set of handcuffs and fire service personnel were called in.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said boltcutters were used to free the officer.

'Rare situation'

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Officer safety training is a vital skill for police officers and involves training with handcuffs and other equipment.

"On this occasion there appears to have been a malfunction with a set of handcuffs which our colleagues at the fire service were fortunately able to assist with.

"This type of situation is thankfully rare but as has been demonstrated procedures are in place to deal with such an occurrence."

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "On Saturday, firefighters attended at Mounthooly Way where they used boltcutters to free a police officer from a set of handcuffs that had malfunctioned."

No-one was injured.

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