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Asda watermelon sleepwalker thinks subconscious 'got hungry'

Ruth Rose Image copyright Ruth Rose
Image caption Ruth Rose woke up in Asda

A woman who sleepwalked to a supermarket in just her nightdress looking for a watermelon has said she thinks her subconscious "got hungry".

Ruth Rose, 23, walked more than a mile to the Garthdee branch of Asda in Aberdeen at about 02:30 on Thursday.

Violinist Ms Rose, of Thurso, had been staying with her boyfriend in Aberdeen and fell asleep watching TV, but awoke in Asda.

She was given clothes and taken home by police.

Ms Rose said her sleeping boyfriend was not even aware she had gone.

She told the BBC Scotland news website: "I was watching TV and then I woke up in Asda.

"I had been looking for a decent watermelon for a couple of weeks so that must have been it. I eat late at night so look for low-calorie stuff.

"I do not drive so I know the route to walk. My subconscious must have got hungry."

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Ms Rose added: "I have sleepwalked before, but not outside as far as I know.

"I would just like to thank everyone at Asda - they got me clothes - and the police for getting me home."

Robert Wallace, deputy store manager at the store, said: "We do our level best to create a relaxing shopping environment, so we're flattered that she chose our store to visit on her trip out.

"Our colleagues were quick to make sure that she was well looked after and we are glad that she got home safely for a good night's sleep."

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