Elgin fireworks spectators forced to flee

media captionAnn Hamilton describes how spectators were forced to flee (looped footage)

Spectators were forced to flee when an organised fireworks display went wrong in Moray.

Witnesses said several people were hit when the pyrotechnics flew in their direction in Elgin on Saturday evening.

One mother who was at the display with two young children was hit on the head while another firework bounced off her daughter's buggy.

Elgin Rotary Club, which organised the display in the town's Cooper Park, has been contacted for a comment.

There were no reports of serious injuries as a result of the incident.

Ann Hamilton told BBC Scotland she was standing behind the barrier close to the crazy golf course when things started to go wrong early in the display.

She said: "Everyone ran back thinking we were at a safe distance but as we were running they were hitting people and landing on people.

"We were quite scared, we never knew what was happening. Everybody was running - it was quite panicked - including some of the stewards who were running with us.

"There was nobody approaching us, or telling us to stay calm. I'm glad nobody was hurt - there's a few people got burns and stuff. One of them hit me on the head but it's nothing major.

"But it's more the fact that no-one's admitting what's gone wrong."


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