Final chapter for Shetland series of books

By John Johnston
BBC News, Shetland

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Ann Cleeves said she does not want to kill off any more Shetlanders

It's the final chapter for detective Jimmy Perez as the bestselling crime author Ann Cleeves releases her final book in the Shetland series.

Wild Fire is the eighth book in the series.

Cleeves says she's decided to call it a day because she's told all the stories she wants to tell and doesn't want to kill off any more Shetlanders because she likes them too much.

And what is her answer to her fans who are dying to know if she gives Jimmy a happy or a tragic ending?

She smiles "I can't tell you, you'll need to read the book to find out."

The crime drama has enjoyed worldwide success with its likeable characters and strong storylines - not to mention the bleak windswept scenery.

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Douglas Henshall stars in the TV series Shetland

Since the series first aired in 2013, thousands of tourists, many from cruise ships have been heading to Shetland on the trail of the murders.

Steve Matheson, manager of VisitScotland in Shetland, said the Shetland TV series and books had been an "amazing success" for the islands.

"Visitors come into the office in Lerwick every day and ask where they can find Jimmy Perez's house and other locations around the islands," he said.

But the good news for fans is that the television series to set to continue.

Filming is already under way in the islands for the fifth series.

Douglas Henshall who plays Jimmy Perez says it's quite a tough storyline and "it gets quite gothic towards the end."

Fans will now have to wait for early 2019 to see more Shetland Noir.