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Tribute paid after death of MRI pioneer in Aberdeen

Prof Jim Hutchison Image copyright University of Aberdeen

Tributes have been paid after the death of the academic who was part of the team which invented the world's first full body MRI scanner in Aberdeen.

Prof Jim Hutchison, 77, was at the forefront of developing the Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology that went on to help save lives around the world.

The Mark 1 machine scanned its first patient in 1980.

Prof Steve Heys, of the University of Aberdeen, said he would be remembered as a "true pioneer".

He explained: "Along with the team around him, they were a group that have changed the face of medical imaging - an impact still felt today with the use of their techniques in modern MRI machines.

"Our thoughts are with his wife Meg, who herself was an accomplished MRI scientist at Aberdeen, at this sad time."

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