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Who is Stonehaven's 'secret sculptor'?

Boat structure Image copyright Martin Sim

The discovery of more artwork around Stonehaven bay has sparked new intrigue over the artist's identity.

The latest sculpture, which is the fifth piece of art of its kind, was spotted by a local in late December.

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Media caption The identity of the artist remains a mystery

The structure portrays a sea world takeover, in which giant animals rule the roost and the remains of human beings lay in baskets.

It has caused some locals to ask the question - 'Who is Stonehaven's secret sculptor?'

Boat structure Image copyright Martin Sim

Some believe that the artist lives in the nearby village of Cowie, known only to close friends and family.

Boat structure Image copyright Martin Sim

Other mystery sculptures on the bay include a seal, a Viking boat, two fishing boats and a lighthouse.

Boat structure
Image caption A giant crab towers over human remains

'Stonehaven Banksy'

Local resident Martin Sim says finding the new sculpture was like being given a Christmas present.

"My wife and I were out walking the dog and we realised there was something different and it was a new addition to the group," he said.

"Apparently the chap stays in Cowie, a village to the north of Stonehaven, but there's no identifying features [on the artwork]."

Mr Sim said locals appreciate the sculptures, referring to the artist as "The Stonehaven Bansky".

Lighthouse structure

Mr Sim attributed the artist's decision to remain anonymous to the spirit of people in the north east.

He said: "We don't mind doing our own thing but we don't necessarily want any recognition. We're very backward at coming forward, as has been said many times.

"We really don't like shouting from the rooftops and blowing our own trumpets when we certainly could do."

Boat structure Image copyright Martin Sim

Mr Sim believes it is likely that the different pieces were made by the same person.

"The method of attachment to the rocks is very similar, the style of the 'fish' men is also very stylised and the overall finish to them all is also similar," he added.

"The links, as I see them, are the sea and the quirky humour in all of them."

Seal Structure Image copyright Martin Sim

Meanwhile, the lookout for Stonehaven's "secret sculptor" continues.

Lighthouse structure

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