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Man jailed for Aberdeen sex attacks more than a decade apart

Byron Crescent
Image caption The second attack took place in Byron Crescent, Aberdeen

A sex attacker who carried out two terrifying rape bids on strangers more than a decade apart has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Christopher Kenn first attacked a 25-year-old woman in Aberdeen as she was heading home from a night out in 2008.

He was never caught and went on to target a 16-year-old in the city in January after following her off a bus.

Kenn, 45, admitted assaulting both his victims with intent to rape after he was linked to both cases by his DNA.

At the High Court in Glasgow the predator was told he will be monitored in the community for three years after his release from prison.

'Very disturbing'

Lord Mulholland told Kenn: "These two women were strangers to you. They were entitled to go about their business without being accosted by you.

"You said that, had you not been disturbed, you intended to rape both these women.

"That is very disturbing. You know the harm you were doing to these women, they were screaming, upset and crying."

Kenn, also known as Lumsden, initially struck in the early hours of 16 September, 2008 in Orchard Street, Aberdeen.

The court heard he pushed his victim to the ground, lay on top of her and repeatedly tried to pin her arms down.

Prosecutor Allan Nicol said the woman "screamed for help".

A man living nearby rushed to her aid and forced Kenn to flee the scene.

The court heard detectives were unable to identify a suspect but did obtain a forensic profile of the attacker from the knee of the woman's tights.

'Being watched'

Eleven years later, in January, Kenn followed a schoolgirl onto a bus.

Prosecutor Mr Nicol told the court that the 16-year-old spoke to her father on the phone during the journey.

"She said she felt as if she was being watched. The girl said she would tell her dad when she got home," he said.

The girl spotted Kenn staring at her, but tried to ignore him.

However, shortly after she got off the bus Kenn jumped on top of her, put his arm around her neck and covered her mouth.

As she was bundled to the ground, he repeatedly punched the teenager before molesting her.

He was described at one point as "growling" during the attack in Aberdeen's Byron Crescent.

A woman walking her dog heard the commotion and disturbed Kenn, who was identified from CCTV on the bus.

He later told police: "I assaulted a school lassie by accident."

Mr Nicol said: "He said he had not see her before and that it was not pre-meditated."

The court heard he was then linked to the unsolved 2008 attack via his DNA.

Kenn, who has learning difficulties, was placed on the sex offenders list.

Defence counsel Tony Lenehan said: "He has had the honesty to accept what he has done, which I suggest is unusual in this type of offending."

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