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Aberdeenshire floods clean-up continues after seven bridges lost or damaged

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Media captionFlash flooding damages parts of Aberdeenshire

A major clean-up is continuing after flash flooding left seven Aberdeenshire bridges swept away or badly damaged.

One of the areas worst hit on Saturday was around the village of King Edward, between Turriff and Banff.

Some minor roads are still closed in the area. The surface of the road was washed away in some places.

The clear-up has also been taking place in Crovie where a torrent of water flowed down through the coastal village into the sea.

BBC Scotland Out of Doors reporter Euan McIlwraith posted video footage of a flooded road near King Edward as the water lifted chunks of the road surface away.

Aberdeenshire Council has been warning drivers not to ignore road closed signs.

Image caption This bridge north of Turrif was one of those lost
Image copyright Samantha Rogers
Image caption A torrent of water swept through the village of Crovie

Head of roads Philip McKay said: "Weather conditions were atrocious.

"Many bridges in the area have been badly damaged and a number of smaller bridges on unclassified roads have been swept away entirely.

"It is vitally important that roads closed signs are respected as although flood water levels may have fallen, the road may still be unsafe to pass."

Some people were effectively left cut off as a result of the bridge and road problems.

Image copyright @croviebythesea
Image caption The clean-up operation was continuing in areas including Crovie on Monday

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