In pictures: Shetland's 'woolly invasion'

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Shetland has enjoyed a "woolly invasion" as people from all over the world have flocked to the island to celebrate the 10th year of Shetland's Wool Week.

People in hatsImage source, Sophie Whitehead-Robertson

A hat design, featuring sheep and fishing boats, has been recreated by scores of knitters for the event.

Image source, Shetland Amenity Trust

The Roadside Beanie design was created by wool expert Oliver Henry, who has lived in Shetland all his life.

Image source, Shetland Wool Week

His sketches were interpreted into a pattern by designer Sandra Manson and made available to attendees of the event.

Image source, Sophie Whitehead-Robertson

More than 400 events, exhibitions, and tours were organised throughout Shetland, celebrating its wool industry, crofting and the local community.

Image source, Frances Taylor/Thordale

The week includes Fair Isle Friday - a day to wear and celebrate Fair Isle knitwear.

Image source, Shetland Wool Week

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