Face of a Medieval man found in Aberdeen reconstructed

image copyrightAOC Archaeology Group
image captionThe skull found in Aberdeen was reconstructed

The face of a Medieval man whose remains were found in Aberdeen has been reconstructed.

The man - known as skeleton 125 - was one of 60 full skeletons and more than 4,000 human bone fragments found after work began at the Aberdeen Art Gallery redevelopment site.

Testing indicated the man was over the age of 46 and shorter than average.

The researchers - AOC Archaeology Group - said he had suffered from extensive dental disease.

image copyrightAOC Archaeology Group
image captionThe man was said to have suffered from extensive dental disease

Dr Paula Milburn, from AOC Archaeology, described the work as providing a "fascinating glimpse" into the lives of Aberdonians 600 years ago.

Dr Milburn said: "The ongoing post-excavation work is examining the remains in detail and will provide us with amazing information on the kind of people buried here, including their ages, gender, health and lifestyles."

She said research also indicated that the man possibly spent his childhood in an area such as the north-west Highlands or Outer Hebrides.

The redeveloped Aberdeen Art Gallery reopens on Saturday 2 November.

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