Double reflected rainbow photographed in Orkney

image copyrightMartin Gray

A double reflected rainbow has been photographed in Orkney.

The image was captured by Martin Gray at Gyran on Tuesday morning, who described the sight as "amazing".

He said: "I'm used to seeing double rainbows, but this was a really weird-looking thing."

"It was Donna, my partner, who saw the rainbow," he said. "She called me through, but I was on my phone looking at Twitter. When she called me again with real urgency in her voice, I rushed through and there it was - so bright and dominant in the sky.

"I quickly snapped a few photos. It was extremely bright, and odd looking - all odd angles.

"But I didn't even notice the faint fourth arc until I carefully looked at my photographs."

BBC weatherman Simon King said it was an "impressive" photograph.

"It's a really impressive double reflected rainbow," he said.

He said the photographer had a loch behind him at the time.

As a result, sunlight had bounced off the loch before reaching the water droplets from a rain shower in front of him. The sunlight was then bent and reflected inside the droplet back to the photographer.

Image copyrighted.

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