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Sex assault Aberdeen councillor resigns from Conservatives

Alan Donnelly
Image caption Alan Donnelly had denied sexual assault

The former deputy provost of Aberdeen has resigned from the Scottish Conservative party after being found guilty of sexual assault.

Alan Donnelly had denied kissing and touching a man who was working at an event in the city.

A three-day trial heard one of the accuser's supervisors say he was "trembling and shaking" when he reported the incident to her.

Donnelly's resignation was confirmed by the Scottish Conservatives.

He has not stood down as a councillor for the Torry/Ferryhill ward however.

As a Conservative, he was part of Aberdeen City Council's ruling administration of Tories, Labour and independent members.

BBC Scotland understands there will be an "emergency" meeting of the group next week to decide whether he can remain in it.

It currently has a majority of just one councillor.

BBC Scotland's Steven Duff said if he is removed from the group, it would affect the composition of council committees.

Donnelly was convicted of sexual assault at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Friday.

Sentence was deferred for reports until next month.

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