Aberdeen Conservative suspension lifted for 'unacceptable' comments


An Aberdeen Conservative councillor has had his suspension lifted over alleged anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and homophobic comments.

Ryan Houghton - who was a candidate in the Aberdeen North constituency - apologised in November for any hurt caused but insisted the comments were taken out of context.

The Scottish Conservatives had said the blog comments were "unacceptable".

A party disciplinary committee found in favour of lifting the suspension.

Mr Houghton said in a statement: "The comments which led to my suspension were isolated and took place nearly a decade ago.

"They in no way reflect my political or professional record and I find prejudice of any kind abhorrent."

The suspension had come after The National listed a number of posts, including one where he argued that while there was "no credible evidence to suggest the Holocaust did not happen" he went on to say: "I do find some of the events fabricated."

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He released a statement on his Twitter feed at the time, saying the comments were taken "out of context" and insisted he had never held anti-Semitic, racist or homophobic views.

A party spokesman said of the disciplinary committee ruling: "The committee took into account the respondent's unreserved acceptance that what he had done when much younger was wrong and that he understood the consequence of his actions.

"The committee also noted the letters of support for the respondent from local groups."

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