Pay packets vary by 46% across Scotland

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Moray was the council with the lowest pay in 2010

Earnings in the best-paid part of Scotland were 46% higher than in the council area with the lowest pay in 2010.

Analysis of pay packets shows Moray was the council with the lowest gross weekly pay, at £398 per week - 14 % below the national average of £463.

Residents of East Renfrewshire earned an average £584 - 26% above that average.

The findings were released by Mackay economic consultancy.

However, with many commuting from East Renfrewshire into Glasgow, those who work in the suburban council area, rather than those who are resident, were ranked 27th for earnings. The average weekly wage of those working in East Renfrewshire was £401.

By place of residence, Stirling had the second highest earnings, East Dunbartonshire third and Edinburgh fourth, followed by Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City.

While Moray Council last year had the lowest earnings, campaigners for retaining the two RAF bases fear that its economic future will deteriorate further.

Just above Moray in residents' earnings were Western Isles, Dumfries and Galloway, Inverclyde and Orkney.

Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Renfrewshire and Stirling did best for earnings among those working in those council areas.

'Substantial implications'

Economist Tony Mackay said: "Commuting patterns explain some of the differences. East Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire are prosperous commuting suburbs of Glasgow.

"Similarly, East Lothian and Midlothian are obviously home to many people who work in Edinburgh.

"The main differences are clearly between the rural and urban areas. There is little or no evidence that these differences have narrowed in recent years.

He added: "These differences have substantial implications for the local economies, such as where people spend their earnings.

"Cities such as Glasgow still attract a large proportion of the disposable income of the people who live in the surrounding areas. I believe also that there will be a close relationship between the level of house prices in an area and the level of earnings."

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