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Poles 'most economically active ethnic group' in Scotland

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Image caption The analysis of the 2011 Census found 86% of Polish people in Scotland were economically active

Polish people are the most economically active ethnic group in Scotland, according to analysis of the last census.

It also found that Indian people were the most likely to be highly-qualified and working in the top professions.

Chinese and Arab people were most likely to be students.

The findings featured in a report by Scotland's chief statistician, which looked at ethnicity, religion and disability, based on 2011 Census data.

It includes information on the labour market, education, housing and transport for equality groups in Scotland.

The report found that those who identified themselves as "White: Polish" were the most likely to work full-time as an employee (56%) and were also the most likely to be economically active (86%).

The Pakistani group reported the highest proportion of people who were self-employed (14%), while the Chinese and Arab groups had the highest proportions of people who were students, at 38% and 35% respectively.

Those identifying as African were the most likely to be unemployed, at 15%.

Indian people were the most likely to be highly-qualified, with 19% working in higher professional occupations.

A quarter of people in the "White: Scottish", "White: Other British" and "White: Irish" groups were retired.

The analysis also showed that people from minority ethnic groups were generally more likely to be living in "flats or temporary structure" accommodation.

"White: Polish", "Bangladeshi" and "African" households had the highest rates of overcrowding.

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