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Rare Scotch whisky market 'soars'

Scotch whisky bottles Image copyright Getty Images

The market for rare bottled Scotch soared at UK auctions in the first six months of the year, according to whisky brokerage firm RW101.

RW101 said the value of rare Scotch whisky reached £16.3m - up year-on-year by 46%.

The number of bottles of single malt sold at auction increased by more than 27%, to almost 50,000.

The average price per bottle rose to a record £328, up by 14.8% on the same period last year.

RW101 has forecast that the market will exceed 100,000 bottles for the full year, at a value of more than £36m.

The Macallan continued to be the secondary market brand leader, increasing its share of the total amount spent on rare whisky to 34.4% - more than the next nine brands combined (31.2%).

RW101 co-founder Andy Simpson said: "Scotch whisky as an asset has continued to perform extremely well within a volatile global economy."