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Scottish council election: Independents and SNP elected in Dunoon

The result has been announced in a local authority ward where voting had been delayed following the death of one of the candidates.

Ballots were cast in Argyll and Bute's Dunoon ward on Thursday.

The SNP's Mike Breslin and two independents, Dick Walsh and Jimmy McQueen, were elected in the multi-member ward.

The result mirrors the outcome in 2007, when two independent councillors and a nationalist were elected.

The Dunoon election was rescheduled by a week following the death of SNP candidate Alister MacAlister, who had also been a sitting councillor.

There was a turnout of 41.42% in the ward.

The SNP now has 13 councillors in Argyll and Bute, while the authority has 15 independents, four Conservatives and four Liberal Democrats.

The nationalists had already formed an administration, in coalition with independent members and local group Argyll First.

The Dunoon result takes the final tally of SNP councillors to 425 following last week's local authority elections, with Labour on 394, the Conservatives on 115, the Lib Dems on 71 and the Greens on 14.

The SNP also gained more first votes than any other party.

However, it looks like Labour will play the leading role in more administrations than any other party.