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BBC Generation 2014: Luxor McGowan's story

Luxor McGowan from Argyll
Image caption Luxor McGowan from Argyll

"In 10 years' time I'd like to be living in the centre of a big city abroad as I like to travel and want to experience different ways of living.

"I would hope to be on the path to a job that I really enjoy doing and, at the same time, still be in touch with all my old friends and have made many more friends. I'd also hope to have found a hobby and be really good at it.

"In 2023 in Scotland I'd expect everywhere to be more technologically advanced so you would get a mobile signal and internet everywhere and everybody will be doing more online. In the future, most media will come downloaded online and the e-books will take over a lot of libraries.

"Fuel won't be relied on as much and more people will be using electric vehicles.

"I'd imagine the weather would get more extreme and people will take climate change more seriously.

"The next generation of children will be glued to their TV and computer screens and they won't be going out with their friends as much as they can talk to them online.

"Everyday things like food and electricity will go up in price and people's wages won't be going up at the same rate.

"Jobs will be harder to find and it'll be very unlikely anyone will be in the same job all of their working life.

"Adults will be working a lot more and have less time for families so there will be fewer children. As people are now gradually living longer, Scotland will be full of older people.

"A lot more people in rural areas will have moved to the cites to find more opportunities and never go back, so it will leave the rural areas filled with older people. That will lead to a lot of family facilities being closed down (e.g. schools) which will put off families moving to rural areas causing a dramatic drop in population.

"Since there will be a rise in immigration, Scotland will get more accepting of different kinds of people and gay couples will eventually be allowed to marry each other.

"Personally, I think it's a good thing that people my age can vote in this referendum as it will be affecting our lives the most, but I also think that we don't know enough about either side to made a proper choice."

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