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Scottish independence reports: Economy

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  • A Fairer Scotland (Unison) (30 November 2012) - Scotland's main public sector union set out its principles for a better and fairer Scotland, and said it was up to others to show how their proposals met those aims.
  • Scotland's Balance Sheet (Scottish government) (April 2013) - The Scottish government published its analysis of Scotland's public finances.
  • Scotland's Economy: The Case for Independence (Scottish government) (21 May 2013) - The Scottish government set out its economic case for independence, saying the nation had generated more tax receipts per person than the UK for every one of the last 30 years and was in a fiscally stronger position than the rest of Britain.
  • The Dysfunctional UK Economy (Jimmy Reid Foundation) (2 June 2013) - The left-wing think tank argued the neo-liberal economic model, followed by UK governments since 1980, had failed.