Scotland politics

Scottish independence reports: Monetary policy

  • Scotland analysis: Financial Services and Banking (UK government) (20 May 2013) - The Westminster government said independence would put at risk Scotland's strong and vibrant financial services industry, which, as part of the UK, forms a world-leading sector.
  • Scotland Analysis: Currency and Monetary Policy (UK government) (23 April 2013) - The Westminster government said the UK's current currency and monetary policy arrangements served Scotland well and a move away from those could be less economically suitable for Britain.
  • Scotland's Currency Options (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) (29 October, 2013) - The institute said an independent Scotland joining a sterling currency union would forgo the possibility of providing its own liquidity support to the banking sector, to choose monetary policy and an exchange rate policy, while fiscal policy would be restricted by the need to reduce its debt burden.