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Scottish independence reports: Devolution

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  • Federalism: the best future for Scotland (Home Rule and Community Rule Commission of the Scottish Liberal Democrats) (October 2012) - The Scottish Liberal Democrat Home Rule Commission said a more powerful devolved Scottish Parliament remaining in the Union was the best way forward for the nation.
  • A New Union (DevoPlus) (November 2012) - The DevoPlus organisation, which backs more powers for Holyrood short of independence, said its aims could be delivered during the lifetime of the next UK parliament.
  • Fairer Scotland and Devolution (Unison) (28 February 2013) - Scotland's main public sector union set out its vision for enhanced devolution, including giving full income tax powers to Holyrood, while business tax should remain at a UK level.
  • Pay as you drive: The road to a better future (Reform Scotland) (29 October, 2013) - The think tank made an argument in support of a road pricing system to replace fuel and vehicle taxes, under enhanced Scottish devolution.
  • Campbell II Home Rule Report (Scottish Liberal Democrats) (10 March 2014) - The report said parties should meet within 30 days of a "No" vote to discuss more powers for a devolved Scottish Parliament.
  • Commission on the future governance of Scotland (Scottish Conservatives) (2 June 2014) - The report said a devolved Scottish Parliament should get full income tax powers and additional responsibility over VAT, income tax and welfare.